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A Knowhow At How Testosterone Works

Testosterone is a highly potent drug in the market and it is not sold without a prescription but bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes have procured it and used it for their benefits. There is no denying that it one of the marvellous drugs in the market which gives the body a total makeover in terms of physicality but indiscriminate use can cause long lasting irreversible effects on the body.

Forms of testosterone found in the market

Testosterone is found in various forms such as cream, pill, patches, injectable etc.

Weight loss in women

Testosterone Works

Testosterone is found in small amounts in the ovaries of women. If women were to use testosterone for weight loss, it is advised that they take very minimal doses for a short period of time. Testosterone as stated is basically a male hormone so you would expect women experiencing male characteristics such as voice deepening, facial hair, chest flattening etc.

Testosterone gives huge gains. There is a sure sign of weight loss during the usage as more muscle is gained and fat is burned. What functions the testosterone does for the male body, estrogen does for the female which enables secondary female characteristics such growth of breasts, mensuration, development of the uterus and ovaries etc. Similarly as age, menopause, medications, chronic ailments make the production of estrogen depletes and hence weight gain, sagging skin, etc.

So for both men and women it is good to use testosterone in the prescribed levels with men women having different dosages and cycles. Men may take a slightly big dose whereas women should stick a small dose.

Testosterone is not taken alone and with a stack. The stack differs from person to person. Women too stack testosterone with other steroids or supplements. These doses have to to be monitored regularly and customised for each individual.

What to do while taking testosterone

It is better to have a full body check-up and know your testosterone levels before you start the cycle.

Keep away from alcohol, smoking and other narcotic drugs during the testosterone cycle.

Check with the doctor if your previous medical history or medications which may interfere with your testosterone dosage.

Eat a balanced meal, with lots of liquid intake, good exercise regime should be followed along with good quality sleep and stress free life.

It can be stacked with

Testosterone can be stacked with dianabol, deca durabolin, TRENBOLONE and ANDROLE.

Dosage of testosterone

Three tablets three times a day 20 minutes prior to breakfast for a period of two months with 12 days off in the cycle.

Though the weight loss may differ from individual to individual, the hard work from the individual pays with smaller goals to achieve and a fat free body with muscle gains.

Testosterone is the big daddy of all steroids but its effectiveness is when the user uses it appropriately. As body also produces its own testosterone, a break to the body will enable the body to get back its natural course or the normal functioning will be stopped and it would be very hard to reverse this condition. Testosterone has to be used under the guidance of a professional.

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