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A Water Tank Is No Time’s Fool

There are at least eleven water towers in Lubbock. They stand ignored every day. If you like this water tanks article check out rainwater harvesting for more top quality information. Old steam engines needed water for power and it was during the era of steam engines that these water tanks were built. One of the water towers was actually a leftover of the old vertical standpipes.The bigger tanks which serve as lighthouses are practically the only ones most useful to Lubbock. The water pressure in the distribution pipes is kept stable by these water tanks. The water treatment director stated that each of these water tanks can store one million gallons of water.

Water Tank Is No Time’s Fool

The Municipal Water Plant office is in charge of monitoring the water levels. Lubbock has a number of reservoirs located all around the city and water channels are used to distribute water throughout the city. Before the advent of water tanks, the city of Lubbock used standpipes.

Filling up these pipes with water is a precaution against collapse. For more information on water, tanks check out rainwater tanks. The water tanks were preferred over the standpipes. Those old, nonfunctional tanks will be turned into scrap metal and sold to junk shops sometime in the future.The main station makes use of an old tank by turning it into storage for treated water to power the building’s air conditioning systems and boiler rooms. Providing a layer of grease in the interiors of the water tanks serve as their protection.

It is important to prevent the occurrence of rust in the water tanks thus the maintenance of a constant electrical field in the water. The company contracts with an out of state firm to do the job as does the City of Lubbock.

All three of these tanks are checked periodically for any sign of failing equipment or deterioration then repaired accordingly. But it doesn’t explode or anything. The presence of an overflow outlet by the side of the tank permits excess water to run down a pipe and onto the ground.

Alarms go off in the control room in the event that the pressure in the tanks elevates and the demand becomes inadequate. The employees hold back the pumps at the pumping station right away. The presence of these towering structures in Lubbock provides a diversion from the boring view of plains and telephone poles. Some of these tanks witnessed the evolution of a young city.

The water system’s function is greatly affected by these water tanks as they are responsible for supplying the population with water. Each of these tanks is able to provide for outmoded steam engines or thirsty employees. Incoming search terms:

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