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Adverse Effects Of Drug Addiction

Today, many people across the globe were suffering because of drug abuse and drug addiction. According to the recent survey it was stated more number of teenagers get trapped in to this addiction. The most unfortunate thing about drug addiction is it not only affects the victim but also the people around them. As the effects of drug addiction is becoming severe now a day, many drug rehab centers are opened in different parts of the nation. People who want to retrieve their beloved ones from the habit of addiction can take them to these centers. This article is written in order to reveal the adverse effects of drug addiction. People who tend to underestimate the habit of drug addiction can consider the following effects to know about the real impact of drug addiction in normal lifestyle.

Drug Addiction

Liver failure

Liver failure is one of the most common problems found among the drug addicts. Especially taking alcohol to a greater extent causes severe damage to the liver leading to liver failure. It is to be noted that liver is one of the most important organ which removes the toxic substances. Obviously when the liver gets damaged, all the toxic substances will stay inside the body and causes several other health issues. The most unfortunate thing is in some extreme condition, the liver failure will lead to death.

Lack of immunity

The toxic substances that are taken into the body through drug addiction will cause a great impact on the body immunity. That is people who are severely addicted to drug will have lack of immunity. Their immune cells will get destroyed and hence the immunity level will also get decreased to a greater extent. And obviously when the immune system gets weakened the body will get exposed to various diseases frequently. Thus, the victim will continuously suffer from various health issues.


Even though initially it was not pointed out, later various studies have proven that the drug abuse leads to severe cancer impacts. This type of impacts will lead to death and hence they are considered to be one of the most harmful impacts of drug addiction. Treating cancer is obviously the most typical task and especially treating the cancer patient whose has drug addiction is highly risky than one’s imagination.

Mental illness

People who are exposed to prolonged drug addiction will severely suffer from mental disorder. Their body will exhibit lack of balance because of the impacts in the central nervous system. These people will get frustrated frequently and they will also suffer from the problems of anxiety. Apart from this, depression, stoke are some other mental defects which are caused because of drug addiction.

Apart from these, drug addiction causes several other health issues. Hence people who are exposed to the habit of drug addiction must hire the reputed sources like San Francisco alcohol addiction treatment for getting rid of the problem of addiction. The experts over there will help in recovering from drug gradually without causing any negative impacts.

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