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Anavar dose, cycle and results for Men

Anavar a.k.a Oxandrolone is used by bodybuilders, athletes in cutting cycles to shed weight as well by maintaining muscle mass out of its anabolic character. Men may able to tolerate Anavar high doses than women, and the side effects are possible only among men. This anabolic drug is derived from dihydrotestosterone and classified as an alpha alkylated drug due to the structural modification at C17. Anavar is mildly anabolic and androgenic in nature. It is capable cutting down fat rapidly, especially the visceral fat which is called stubborn fat.

Anavar first came into the public consciousness in 1960s and manufactured by Searle laboratories to boost the patients with weight who lost their body muscles and weight by chronic infection, trauma, HIV/AIDS. The FDA had a suspicion about the drug and forced the manufacturer to stop the production before 1990s. During that time, bodybuilders and athletes found the fascinating facts about Anavar as it helped to improve strength, obtain the leaner ripped physique, and improving weight gain.

cycle and results for Men

Anavar cycle & dose

As a standalone Oxandrolone Anavar has the capability to burn the fat quickly, especially abdominal and visceral fat. The gained muscle will be long standing even after completing the cycle. Using a Post cycle therapy, some users save their hard earned muscle. Anavar doses vary depends on the goals. Men can handle 50-80 mg each day in cutting cycles. 20-30 mg per day is enough for the athletes who want to increase their agility. For women 2.5-5 mg per day is good enough and some women are found to tolerate till 10 mg per day. The recommended men’s oxandrolone cycle is 4-8 weeks, which is considered to be the safest cycle.

Women bodybuilders respond better than men with Anavar. That’s why it has been the favorite AAS among females. Within low doses, women experience significant weight loss with lean muscle mass, whereas men need to go for higher doses to experience noticeable changes in speed and growth.

Anavar Stacks

When stacking Anavar with other strong anabolic compounds say Winstrol, Clenbuterol, the combination produces excellent results. Anavar-10 mg/ Winstrol-25mg /Clenbuterol-10 mg per day for seven week cycle shows unimaginable results and this combination should be followed by Proviron for 3 days to alleviate the side effects. When stacking Anavar with testosterone in a cutting cycle, it negates testosterone suppression. Male users enjoy Anavar due to its no virilization property. Hence, they can stay free from Gynecomastia, water retention, edema etc.,

Anavar effects

Anavar affects the lipid profile and Anavar along with other AAS impact on the cholesterol levels negatively. The drug drags down the HDL level and increases LDL. Though the drug is taken in low doses for a long period, it might cause serious organ damage. Prolonged Anavar usage leads to atherosclerosis (cholesterol deposition in the arteries). Due to this, the blood vessels start to narrow down and the flow is reduced, leads to cardiac problems. At higher doses, Anavar may induce side effects say acne, baldness etc.,

If men follow with the recommended men’s oxandrolone cycle without extending the dose and cycle, they may enjoy the benefits.

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