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Best Chicago Restaurants: A Delight for Customers

Chicago is a city where you get different varieties of food. Places that serve these dishes can be high fi or a just a normal place with delicious food. From the wide range of restaurants in Chicago, it is difficult to choose a few. In this article, let us explore some of the best restaurants in Chicago based on variety.

Best Chicago Restaurants

Fine Dining:

With this name we think of finest things starting from the table cloth to the food. It is an experience of finest food with good service and excellent ambience. And Chicago is no less. There are plenty of fine dining restaurants in Chicago. Here are a few names:

  1. Alinea: Started by Chef Grant Achatz, it has been consistently been the number one fine dining restaurant in Chicago. Starting from the décor to wine glasses that keep filling in through out the meal, excellent service and helpful staff, you will you will sure get the best experience of fine dining in Chicago. All that sounds expensive, but it will surprise you that you can even have a meal for two for $800 with wine which I guess is quite affordable! The dishes are very creative and people are even given to guess the next dish and quite often it is a surprise! The meal would even include a signature dish of Chef Grant Achatz. You will sure be more focused and occupied thinking about the food while you are at Alinea. Find more such best restaurants in Chicago here.
  2. Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf: It is a place where you see a blend of fine dining and fun. It is a place to visit with reservations only. Its like where you have a steakhouse, cocktails and wine on the list. The food is very delicious and worth the expense.
  3. Lonman& Eagle: Whatever time of the day you go here, you find it to be a busy place. And why not when the dishes created are delicious with many varities of meat items including pig’s head, veal brains and beef tripe. Apart from the food, you get whisky at just $3 for a shot. The cocktail is no less – one will sure find a drink that suits his taste buds.
  4. Fat Rice: It’s a place which has a blend of Portuguese and Chinese food. This means the menu will have noodles, fried rice, potstickers and curried and all that is Portuguese. The speciality is the fat rice (also called as arrozgordo) which is a dish for atleast 4 people made using jasmine rice, chorizo and salted duck and topped with chicken, prawns, clams, pork etc. The rest of menu is also fascinating which will make you visit the place again!
  5. Pequod’s Pizza: It is a place to hang out and drink and have Pizza! The types of pizzas offered are thin crust, pan pizza and what’s new is caramelized crust pizza which has a chewy crust with crispy/burnt cheese which gives a crunch to the pizza. Like with other pizzas, you can add toppings and extra cheese as well.
  6. The Publican: Owned by Paul Kahan, this restaurant uses high quality meat grabbing it from farmers who use best ways to grow them. It’s a place for quality meet cooked well. Once can also try beer from their beer list.

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