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Clenbuterol Coupled With Others, for Body Building

Clenbuterol is popularly known as Clen all across the world. It is a medicinal pill for burning fat in the body. Clen is mostly used by people who are competitive world of fitness training and body building. In body building, along with building bulky muscles, it is also extremely important to have accurate weight. Thus, most of the body builders have used and they expect to see results at the initial stages. Many body builders who are in the process of fitness know and understand the side-effects, but the novice people who take the pill, just take it because their role model is taking these diet pills. Nowadays we see many women too, asking the pharmacy’s for the pill. Do people understand its pros and cons and legal limitations associated with usage of Clen?

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How Clen Works?

First and foremost important thing Clen cannot be purchased without a prescription from the certified doctor. Since, this pill is similar to anabolic steroid; it can cause serious side-effects. Even while making online purchase, the sites ask for a prescription. However, many countries are making illegal underground lab sales of this pill. In order, to not fall in the illegal traps of black marketing, be careful and safe before making a purchase. In the websites of your country, one will find the list of drugs which are banned and which are allowed in the country. Bodybuilders take it to get ripped. Make sure, you check the list before being caught in wrong traps.

Secondly, let us understand who should consume Clen? Clen is undoubtedly known to be consumed by body builders. But, they often couple it with other steroidal pills such as T3, Aspirin, Anavar and Phentermine. Clenbuterol does not directly act up on loosing fat not does it promote lean muscle mass gain. It is basically from a class of drugs which simulate the activities of sympathetic nervous system. Thus it is known as sympathomimetics. It is a simple drug which is actually prescribed to people who have pulmonary disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, block respiratory passages etc. Thus its major function is to act as a bronchodilator. In the process, it causes increase in the body temperature and activates beta-2 adernegic receptors in the body. These promote body fat loss by raising the metabolism of the body. Hence, it causes fight and flight reaction in the body.

Few side effects of Clen prevail which should be understood, before its intake. Effects of taking Clen are nervousness,  excessive production of thyroid harmone causing hyperthyroidism, techycardia (heart rate exceeding normal rest rate), high blood pressure,  Sub aortic stenosis (abnormal narrowing of blood vessel).Over dosage may also cause severe problems such as muscle tremors, headaches, dizziness and gastric irritation, nausea. Muscle tremors may make even daily activities such as lifting things and typing difficult. It may also result in insomnia. Few psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression have been experienced by users during the initial stages. The best time advised to take Clen is few hours before an active workout.

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