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Danabol DS – Review- Side effects – Dosage

There are many popular steroids in the anabolic steroid and one of the well known steroids is Danabol DS. This steroid is also listed in Dianabol, Dbol, Blue heartor and methandrostenolone.

Review of the steroid Danabol

This steroid was invented to help the athletes. It has become a popular drug with its ability to help in gaining mass as well as size in bodybuilders. The chemical methandrostenolone is called by the name Danabol DS.  This supplement is also known as Dbol. This is also an anabolic steroid and has anabolic properties in it. With the properties it helps the users in gaining strength as well as size. With the androgen receptors it helps in results. This supplement also improves the synthesis of protein and helps in glycogenolysis. Dbol acts fats than any other steroid. This steroid can be taken in the form of injection or tablet. Methanadrostenolone is available as injection. While in oral from Danabol DS, is taken as alkylated steroid in 17- alpha form. This has the 17 carbons replaced with methandrostenolone and helps in ingestion. This passes through the liver of a person and then enters the bloodstream. If those 17 alpha are not replaced, it has the ability to get destroyed before it enters the blood stream. So, it helps in changing the hormone to become active.  Most of the 17-Aa steroids are really toxic and it can be dangerous to liver and it moves to Danabol DS. This is the main drawback while using this steroid. If a person can use this steroid in a proper dosage, then he can use it for limited duration. While using this steroid few can also use the liver protectants.

Danabol DS

 Benefits and effects of Danabol DS

This steroid Danabol was to increase the athletic performance and it has medical benefits as well. Danabol DS was used for mass gaining cycles. It is really effective for increasing the lean mass of a person.  With which it became popular in fitness and bodybuilders. This steroid is mainly used during bulking phase as it increases the carbohydrate intake of a person. It has the ability to provide strength gain to a person. It helps in retaining nitrogen on the body and this helps in increasing the size as well as strength. Many other steroids also retain nitrogen, but this steroid helps by retaining more levels of nitrogen in a persons muscles. When Danabol DS is used for bulking they put on up to 20-30 pounds easily. It also increases the mass of a person.

Along with this Danabol DS, people must use aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex so that they do not face side effects related to estrogen like gynecomastia. This steroid has the properties of supressing testosterone production. The best and the recommended dose of Danabol DS is limited. This acts quickly and it has 5 hours half life. It is one of the steroids which act fast. It is best to start with 20mg dosage and then increase it till 100mg maximum.

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