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Drug Rehab Centre at Miramar

There are many drug rehabilitation centres which will promise to cure you. In reality they will just manage your deaddiction process. Whereas at Miramar, we cure you for good. For long term treatment, you should enrol only at Los Angeles drug rehab center.

What is the difference at the treatment at Miramar?

This treatment seeks to uncover the underlying causes of addiction that the patient suffers from. The plan that we draw up for each individual at the Los Angeles drug rehab center is customized within an overall framework. We have a phased out treatment plan.

Drug Rehab Centre

We start with medicating the patient for the first few days. The patient sleeps most of the time and relaxes. This is the detoxification stage. The next plan for the patient is where the patient is given an individual treatment. We offer one on one therapy sessions. Our clinical experts talk the patient through the pain to understand how the addiction started. We believe that many people take drugs to escape from pain that they may have suffered due to some trauma or day to day life where reality is painful. Then there are those patients who suffer from deep psychological disorders. To understand and uncover these we offer the patient one on one therapy. The next stage of treatment is where there are shorter therapy sessions along with education program on drugs. This is followed by family therapy. We encourage patients to interact with family whether on phone or via visits. We try to heal the entire family.

We try alternative therapy methods such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, meditation among others. The patient is also encouraged to take up a hobby like art. Or participate in sporting activities like biking, hiking, sailing or gym.

We assign individual case managers to each patient. This case manager decides on how to proceed with the treatment, whether to change it or terminate it.

Drug addiction is not easy to cure. Our experts understand that. Drug addiction leads to a temporary state of euphoria, an experience which the patient finds pleasurable and wants to repeat over and over again. The drug stimulates the brain and gives it pleasure. This acts like a temporary reward. The brain produces a chemical which makes the patient happy. The patient takes the drug again to repeat the same sensation. However, the brain now needs a higher dosage as it is already used to the first one. The patient increases dosage and frequency. That is what addiction is like.

Drug addiction slowly destroys a person. It destroys the cognitive functions of the brain. The addiction damages and destroys lives of individuals. Therefore it is very important that you enrol for a proper drug rehabilitation program. Destroy the habit from the root. So, if you are looking for a long term cure to your or your loved one’s addiction, enrol with us at the Miramar Drug Rehab Centre in California. It is the only centre to give you individual attention and help you root the problem out from the time it started.

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