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Entertainers For Fun Themed Parties

When you’re planning your child’s birthday, one of the big considerations is entertainment. Hiring entertainment for a themed party keeps things on point, gives you a break so you can concentrate on other vital party elements, and makes the whole event one your child will never forget. Here are some theme party ideas to get you started.


If your child is a big fan of sci-fi, or just likes minor explosions, a science-themed party could be a great place to start. You can give out slime or silly putty for favors, serve cupcakes with liquid insides that squirt out when the kids take a bite, and plan games around the theme of a mad scientist.

A mad scientist is exactly what you should get for your entertainment. The right entertainer will be able to lead the kids through a series of home experiments, like making magnetic slime, tornadoes in a jar, or a potato battery. Or you might just go for things that bubble in fun colors: the kids will love it.


Magicians for birthday parties are always a hit, and you can hire one to do a bigger show, several to roam and entertain the kids in smaller groups with shorter tricks, or both. Kids love magic and mystery, and a good entertainer knows how to help even the most cynical child feel a sense of awe.

For decorations, get a plasma ball, some old-fashioned magic show posters, top hats to put upside down on the tables (with a stuffed rabbit in each) and even enormous playing cards to scatter around. Stars, purple, and red are the right shapes and colors for this event.

Prom night

If you have a child who loves to dress up, why not throw a glamorous party? You can hire a “glamsquad” that will come and help your child and all the guests get beautiful for the big night. You can also rent a photo booth so the ladies and gentlemen of the hour can get printed photos to take home.

If you want to get really creative, you could hold a full on fashion show with invited adult guests to provide the audience, an announcer, and a theme. Build a small runway the kids can use to come in from a hallway and use Christmas lights and spotlights to make it special.

Petting zoo

This one is always a huge crowd favorite. It will cost a bit, but for a special number birthday it might be just the thing. A mobile petting zoo can come to you, assuming you have the room, and staff will come with the animals to make sure everyone is safe.

Another possible option is to rent ponies and let the kids take a ride. You can do this with the petting zoo idea or by itself with a cowboy themed party. Whatever you choose, animals always make kids happy; and this can be a great way to ensure an epic party.

Peppa Pig

If you have toddlers, you know just how popular Peppa Pig is. If your toddler doesn’t love Peppa, there are plenty of other characters you could use instead. The decorations get pretty easy with this type of theme. Balloons and streamers in the right colors are easy to come by, and prints of the character and friends are perfect for the wall and tables.

If you go to Peppa Pig route, you can use egg cartons to make pig snouts for the kids, or let them make their own, so everyone can be a Peppa Pig. Chocolate pudding makes great “mud puddles,” and any kind of blue drink can serve as pond water.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember that birthdays are the kind of thing children remember for a lifetime. Make your child’s birthday just as important and special as they are.

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