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Fitness Photography – A Know How

All of us adore the pictures of movie stars and athletes showing off their 6-pack abs or models in their swim suit photographs posing with their fit body. May be earlier, such photo shoots could be afforded by only celebrities but today, thanks to the evolution and development in photography, anybody can shoot their own fit pictures, provided you are fit and have a great body. That is where a fitness photographer can help.

Fitness Photography

Fitness photography brings the best in you

As the term suggests, fitness photography is all about photographing individuals while they are partaking in sports, fitness or any such activities that show off their fit body. Generally, the locations for such shoots are outdoors but gyms and stadiums too are great places for fitness photographs. Such photography is much used in advertisement campaigns of sportswear and health products. Today, any fitness enthusiasts can have their own fitness photograph catalogue.

Getting started on fitness photography

Hire: The first thing to get your fitness photographs is to hire a professional fitness photographer.

Share: Second, collect example photos. These are the photographs that you have seen in newspapers, magazines or internet and you have liked the location, setting and poses. Share these with your photographer so that he will get an idea as to what you are looking for.

Discuss: Have a talk with your photographer as to why you are doing the shoot, who your clients or audience are and what is that you want to highlight.

Location: It depends on the reason for your shoot. That is, if you are a trainer, then you may need to have your gym as the location. If it is a modelling portfolio, then outdoors and beautiful backdrop could be it.

Points to keep in mind while going for fitness photography

Lights: You can either get the best or the worst picture as per the light. The most suitable time to get the photos clicked is in the evenings before the sun sets. Or else choose a time when there will not be much reflection of sun in the camera.

Focus on angles: Find the angle that will showcase your best feature. The right angle will also help to present your body in the best manner.

No put on: Though expressions are the key for good photographs, never put on a fake one. Be natural and real, not strained and stressed. Try not to show exaggerated pictures.

Show off but not too much: Fitness photography is all about showing off your fit and healthy body but be careful as to not show off too much. Check your shots to see any awkward clicks that might show the butt or crotch. Click as many photographs as possible and then choose the best ones.

Dress accordingly: Fitness photographs are all about fitness and that is why, wear costumes that are appropriate such as sportswear, gym wear or proper swim suits and not skimpy ones. There is really no need to accessories much. Make up too should be minimal.

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