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God Still Loves The World

The increasing rates of murders, bombings, suicides, rapes and so many other forms of violence often bring a thought to the mind of a common man – has God forgotten this world completely? Well, this is where humans are different from God. The thought processes of a man may be extensive, yet they are limited; and that is why it is hard to understand what God actually wants. All we can do is be hopeful and have faith.

However, the everyday little miracles in your lives should bear enough witness to the fact that God still loves the world. You must be wondering what are miracles? It is not necessary that the miracles occurring in your life always need to be some kind of a drastic change, it could be as small as getting a conveyance on time to go to your workplace, you not boarding a particular bus or train which might have had an accident later on, or completion of some work where you were stuck. These are only to name a few, there are similar others numerous instances that keep on occurring daily, but most of time it is taken for granted.

God Still Loves The World

This unconditional and incessant love of God is something that needs to be shared with one and all, and that is what forms the basis of KP Yohannan’s group Gospel for Asia. This group endeavours to spread the love of God far and wide. Dr. Yohanna heeded to the call of God at the age of 16 and since then has dedicated his life solely for this purpose and it is the same thing that he asks his volunteers and missionaries of this organization to follow.

They spread the love of Jesus Christ through the various acts of kindness and charity. They have different ministries for separate problem areas, such as the Slum Ministry, the /medicine ministry, the Leprosy Ministry, the Relief/Disaster Ministry and the Compassionate Ministry. In the first one the volunteers work with people of the slums in Asia, particularly in South Asia. They give education to the adults regarding the various aspects of life for instance, hygiene and health care along with some general knowledge of things. The children of these slums are given tuitions and those that are illiterate are taught to read and write. The word of God is what strengthens these slum dwellers amidst their extreme poverty situations, this is done through the Sunday classes held by these missionaries which discuss in details how Lord Jesus had come for the weak and how blessed they are.

Through the medicine ministry the places in Asia that have no access to or limited access to medicines are taken care of. The leprosy ministry of the Gospel for Asia, founded by KP Yohannan, is working wonders in the lives of these otherwise rejected people of the society. They work towards making these lepers fit enough to be able to fend and stand up for themselves. The disaster afflicted people are also taken care of through the relief/disaster ministry; arrangements for their food, shelter and clothing are done very diligently by these missionaries, the Compassionate ministry is also dedicated to a similar cause.

The selfless devotion of these missionaries and the word of God that they share with all these people is witness enough to show that God still loves the World.

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