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Hidden Facts On The Russian Revolution

Russia has an interesting history. Historians and writers from across the world pay attention to the Russian Revolution that left a deep impact on the nation. There are many writers that still write on the subject. They deep deeper into history to excavate facts. They collect these facts and document them on paper so that you can read about history at that point of time.

Orlando Figes is a celebrated writer who was born into a family of writers. His mother and sister are well known writers in London. He went on to study at Cambridge and presented a few works on the Russian Revolution where he has shed light on this revolution.

Russian Revolution

Russia revolts

He says The Russian Revolution is a series of events that took place in the nation during 1917. It was at this time that Russia was under the imperial rule of the Czars. There was an upsurge of revolt because of a number of factors and the Revolution made way for a new nation to be named The Soviet Union.

The two phases of the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution began in 1905 and ended in 1918. The Russians revolted twice- the first being against the Czar Nicholas II in 1905 and the second time against The Bolsheviks in 1918.

The First World War is not the cause of The Russian Revolution

Mr Figes says that there is a common misconception that the Russian Revolution began because of the First World War. This is not true. The First World War was a contributing factor but it was not the sole cause for starting the Revolution. There was political and socio-economic instability in the nation. During the First World War many Russians joined the army however the nation was in dire conditions. The rural parts of the country did not have any workers. The work conditions of people were miserable and they earned poor wages. There was shortage everywhere. People could not eat and there was no money.

People turned to the Czar for aid but he was least bothered about them. The workers in disappointment went on strike and they refused to work. The nation was affected adversely. On top of that Russia joined the First World War and this was one of the worst decisions that was made by the Czar in the history of the nation. Internal strife and unrest increased. More than the war the nation needed its people.

However, Czar Nicholas II was not concerned about the welfare of the people. He was more focused on his family matters and vested interests. He came to consider himself next to God and this made the nation suffer even more. People in Russia shifted to industrial areas as factories and industries needed manpower. However, Czar Nicholas II brought the army under his control and made things even worse. He sent people to war making the nation empty. This gave rise to the Russian Revolution where the people united together to overthrow Czar Nicholas II says Orlando Figes!

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