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Know More about Megabite Electronics

Exchange of information is referred to as communication. Through effective communication humans can exchange their thoughts, ideas or feeling with others. This can be verbal or non-verbal. With the emergence of electronic based communication systems, today people can communicate within seconds with their relations, business associates or likeminded community people.

This advancement has become possible with the introduction of satellite electronics that help in different ways to send message to others through email, wearable communication devices and many other means. As communication is the central part of human living, the technology is employed extensively in defense services as well as in space programs. Electronic device and component distribution group Megabite Electronics is headquartered in New York and has been operating in the US market for more than 3 decades.

Megabite Electronics

The Company

Established in 1979, the company is a professionally managed business enterprise which has high profile public clients. Since, all defense and military services and space sectors are administered solely by the government departments, the company operates majorly with public departmental officials. Other than producing electronic devices, it also functions as a major distribution company in the United States and having global partnership. Its diligent business endeavors and highly ethical business practices is the key of the group’s success story.

From the day of foundation, the NY community is caring to maintain 100% quality standards adhering to all quality measures and client need. With this, it has gained immense fame in the industry as a reliable, dependable and consistent producer and supplier for electronics implements and components. With a very efficient team of technology specialists and talented electronic engineers it also offers custom made electronic solutions to its valued customers.

The Team

Megabite Electronics is outfitted with well experienced and trained engineers who work in combination with the officials of defense and space departments to know about their requirements and services they need. This is a major plus point of the company that has made the community one of the best chosen vendors to the public departs that serves in national security services and space scientific areas. The technicians and Research & Development team works together in order to find out solutions for their clients with highest reliability.

Quality Control

Backed by more than 35 years of industry experience and extremely prepared team of professionals the company aims to uphold paramount standard of product quality at all times. As it operates with the extremely delicate departments like defense and space, each employee at Megabite Electronics share their responsibility to ensure absolutely error free supplies to the clients. Aside from the production phase, prior to every dispatch, consignments are thoroughly checked with strict quality check measures.

In production it uses only first rated electronic components to ascertain the product quality. As a distributor company it also source components exclusively from high class product manufacturers. The dynamic and devoted electronics ‘giant’ enterprise is optimistic to occupy the apex point as an electronics supply vendor to US public departments.

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