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Learn the Secret about Girls Using Body Building Steroids

Girls cannot use steroids. Right? Well, that is the convention that even the fitness gurus seem to nurture within them. But the truth is… Girls can use them, as well. After all, there are so many lady body builders around us. Should not be there something special to achieve their weight-reducing goals?

The Truth

There are undoubtedly a number of good steroids for girls to build muscle. However, no wonder how amazing they appear to be, these products are exclusively meant for serious body builders. If you are looking forward to bring in an extreme change in your original physique, then a steroid supplement is what you should be looking forward to. Of course, the male body builders dominate the arena of anabolic steroid users. However, there is no denial to the fact that a number of female body builders use them too. In fact, they have been using them at a stretch for a long period of time.

The Side Effects

Body Building Steroids

Irrespective of the gender question, steroids are meant to affect your body. In fact, it is due to the drastic physical changes they result in, female body builders often prefer staying away from it. You can suffer from its negative impacts even if you use for a very short period of time. Basically, the body-sculpturing anabolic steroids replicate testosterones, the male hormones in your body. Even the steroids for women contain the same. This obviously poses a health risk on girls. Of course, the female body secretes testosterone, as well. However, the amount of testosterone that a male body secretes is much more than that of a female.  In keeping with that the most obvious side effects of body building steroids in women include aggressive behavior, developing high blood pressure, kidney damage and liver dysfunction, severe acne and even cardiac arrest. Anabolic steroids are also likely to deepen your voice. What is more, you can experience an increased growth of facial hair, along with other complications.

The Best Steroids for Females

The good steroids for girls to build muscle are designed to be safe for women. But even so, you have to be extra careful about the dosages. Make sure that you take in extremely low dosages. This will help you to stay away from the potentially injurious side effects.

However, you should also remain aware of a myth- that women who use steroids have a risk of turning into men! Such drastic transformations are in no way possible! Also, even a little bit of steroid in your body can affect your endocrinal system. Sometimes, it leads to detrimental effects, as well. There is another myth that guides women health enthusiasts. You will find many users explaining ‘the more steroid you take, the bigger your muscles will be’. However, as doctors mention, these factors are never related to each other. A number of studies have also shown that females are more prone to suffer the side effects of anabolic steroids than what men do. Also, there are some of the advantages of steroid usages that only male bodybuilders experience. They might not always be beneficial for women.

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