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Spy App For Your Phone

There are different spy apps for both android and IOS users that help one to keep a track on their loved ones and children. Spy apps have become widely popular in the past few years; spying is considered to be illegal yet there are apps that help you in keeping an eye on someone. Not only is the spy app used to keep an eye on a loved one but it is also used by an employer to keep an eye on the activities of the employees. Below is the list of different spy apps for different mobile users.

Spy App For Your Phone

 Spy apps for IOS users

  • Call log pro- The best thing about this application is that it helps in recording the conversations of the phone calls made to another person. As soon as the person answers the line the phone starts getting recorded.
  • Secret spy camera pro- With the help of this application one can record a video secretly without anyone getting to know about it. It also has a secret spy mode where the screen on seeing looks black.
  • Your secret folder- This application lets one easily manage their private photos and videos and it also protects your files with a PIN lock or a dot lock.
  • Keylogger- This application can easily grab the passcode set by you on your phone and also the passwords that are used n social media messaging sites and for sending emails.

Like IOS there are spy apps for Android users too, the apps are as follows:

  • Cell tracker- This application is best for employers to track their employees’ location; most of the companies provide a phone to their employees so it becomes easy to track their location after every half an hour.
  • Children tracker- With the increase in crime rate this application is the best for parents who send their children to school and to their coaching alone; by installing this app you can easily track your child’s location whenever you want.
  • Mobile hidden camera- This application records videos and snapshots without anyone knowing about it.
  • Spy message- With this you can send a confidential message which automatically gets deleted over time. This app allows one to exchange secretive messages for a fixed time only.
  • Monitor calls SMS location- Another kind of a spy app that monitors SMS, photo, call logs and many other things without telling the exact location. Even if the GPS is disabled it can locate the location.

These are the various spy apps for different users; go through them, read about them and their features and then select a spy app, choosing the right spy app is important, choose an app according to the most used means of communication that is used by you. If you talk more on phone than the SMS then choose an app related to it; similarly if you use more of the social media messaging apps then choose an app that completely helps in spying over these applications.

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