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The Chauffeured Transportation Experience & Peace-of-mind

Transportation services are everywhere nowadays. With the growth of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, you can find lots of transport alternatives to select from courier services, taxis, or even either of those above ride-sharing products and services. Sure, all of the transport providers enable you to get from point A to point B, however, the adventure you receive from an experienced, award winning expedited transport service in contrast to Uber/Lyft is similar to every other. Just what are the differences and why if you decide on chauffeured services out of over-land?

Chauffeured Transportation Experience

Experience and Training

For starters, our chauffeur team is unmatched when it comes to expertise and instruction. Not only are our chauffeurs correctly screened (desktop, drug screen and physical) before employment, they are the best trained, upfront and continuing. In Overland Chauffeured Services, our team takes pride in their own glistening look complete with a conventional black suit uniform, and that means you’re going to get accurate first-class support as you set out on your transport journey. Uber and Lyft supply no expert training for motorists, instead a few essential requirements to be fulfilled like era, fundamental driving history and evidence of automobile registration to list a couple. Since anybody may be a catalyst for both transport providers if they fulfill the prerequisites, there is no extensive training, something Overland stands behind. Consequently inherently, in Overland, there’s much better testing, instruction, supervision, and undoubtedly higher standards expected in any way times.

Premium Fleet

Next, and very possibly a fascinating quality of reserving our expedited transport solutions, is that our premium fleet. Regardless of your destination– airport shuttle, Kauffman Stadium, business meeting, marriage, etc. — we now have a car for you there safely, easily and in style. What type of vehicle choice would you get when utilizing Uber and Lyft? No matter your delegated driver possesses. Since Uber and Lyft do not supply a fleet of vehicles to their drivers, they still push their own vehicles provided that they fulfill several requirements. Though you can select from standard to luxury vehicle manufacturers when utilizing Uber, choices are incredibly limited. And there’s absolutely not any supervision on illness, cleanliness, maintenance background, or security.

Global Transportation

Were you aware that Overland Chauffeured Services will make arrangements to get a premium class transport service across each significant continent? By reserving our international shipping services, you will get simple and convenient ground transport service using a one-call, one-bill transport alternative in over 350 cities throughout the planet. Whether you are traveling for business at New York, either Dubai or even Paris, we could handle your transport needs in numerous cities inside and beyond the U.S… Even though Uber does provide transport services in different nations, they cannot handle your global itinerary from begin to finish together with the experience and personal signature like Overland.

Extensive Commercial Insurance

Overland’s company-owned fleet is insured by an A+ rated insurance company and $5,000,000 liability. There’s not ever a query on a decent and comprehensive insurance policy when conducting business using Overland. That is how it ought to be 100 percent of this time and you need to accept no more. Request proof of insurance from other transport services and assess what you find.


During our advanced systems, we’ve got access to real-time FAA flight monitoring and validation, therefore, we arrive punctually if your flight arrives early or has been delayed so you are not left waiting for the trip. Want a ride to some concert or other timely occasions? Together with our reliable GPS tracking and speech monitoring and mapping technology, we are in a position to get you to an occasion in a timely fashion so that you’re never late. Uber and Lyft drivers have access to their businesses’ driving programs to get turn-by-turn directions but do not possess the tech Overland does if it comes to GPS tracking and total reporting. Overland will get one to your occasion or business meeting in time and securely, provide you with peace-of-mind. Overland also provides advanced web and program-established booking platforms for advance bookings.


Last, but most certainly not the least, when booking transport through over-land Chauffeured Services, then you should have use of chilled bottled water, mints and reading stuff to improve your experience. Additional comforts such as Wi-Fi as well as other snacks are available up on request. Uber and Lyft usually do not offer free drinking water and mints being a benchmark that may create all of the difference before a conference or event.

The Overland Experience

There is nothing like an Overland chauffeured encounter; additional transport services cannot compare to our expertise and coaching, superior fleet, international transport, engineering, safety, and conveniences. The next time you are considering booking Uber/Lyft, remember the chauffeured experience you will lose out on.

Contact us now to organize a luxury transport experience you cannot get from Uber/Lyft!

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