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The Varieties of Induction Cook Tops

The advent of the induction cook tops has given a new dimension to the world of cooking in this fast paced life. The precision and efficiency with which the induction cook tops work is a real revolution in the field of cooking. They are a better option in every way when compared with the old and traditional mediums of cooking.

The induction cook tops are smarter, quicker, cleaner and safer means of cooking; which is definitely a boon to the cooks all over. Though initially, very few people used these cook tops but with the lowering of prices, this has become a common household item. It is commonly seen in the kitchens of big restaurants and hotels, where these are being used rampantly and have thus become a part of the commercial world too.

Varieties of Induction Cook Tops

Seeing the growing popularity of these cookers, more and more different types of induction cook tops are being produced of which the NuWave Pic is an example. It is an ultimate solution for catering, buffets, camps, and even your personal RVs.  You could even take advantage of its perfect size and easy portability to use it in lunch rooms, dormitories of colleges, offices and any other place where you can get an electrical connection.

The numerous advantages of the induction cookers over its traditional counterparts have enabled this surge in their popularity over the past decade. Now that it is within the reasonable range of money, people of all classes are opting for it and replacing their traditional cooking mediums with it. You have the pleasure of choosing from the wide range of induction cook tops such as: single element induction cooktop, multi element Induction cooktop, built-in induction cooktops unit, freestanding countertops induction units, and commercial induction units.

As the name suggests the single element cooktop has only one cooking top and so it is not ideal for cooking many dishes simultaneously. It operates at 120 volts and has a maximum of 1800 watts. They can be used in combination with other cooking mechanisms as they are absolutely portable and rather inexpensive. This type of induction oven makes it easy for us to comprehend that a multi element cooktop is one with many cooking zones, an ideal solution to prepare many dishes at one time. This means that you would be totally replacing your existing cooking range.

The built-in induction cookers are placed in customised countertops of kitchens, they give a very neat, tidy and organised look to your kitchen as they blend in with your kitchen’s décor. Since this involves customisation, the cost of installing of these is a little higher than normal. The NuWave Pic however, is an induction cook top which does not require this kind of expense.

Again the freestanding induction cooktop does not require any countertop because they are in themselves a counter top and can hence be used for outdoor cooking. These encompass multi burners along with single or multiple oven units attached just below burners.  The commercial units are ideal for big kitchens in restaurants where food needs to be made in large quantities.

So, you see that the benefits of the induction technology in cooktops can be utilized by anyone and everyone and it will surely give a great cooking experience.

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