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Tips For Better Business Writing 

Business content writers have of late, carved a niche for themselves in the world of commerce and industry with their special qualities and talents for doing the right and most effective business content writing jobs. The average business content writer in today’s world ranges from the financial whiz kids to software programmers and yet, who have the common need to communicate in writing intelligently.

The success of the business content writers job, therefore, bases itself on the use of clear, simple, and precise language fundamentally. A few other tips may also be taken to ensure better performance and to improve your career prospects:

In Clarity Lies Greatness:

Clarity is the foundation stone for making your career as a successful business content writer. In other words, those who ignore clarity and instead prefer using bombastic language or words in order to project intelligence end up delivering the worst or, at best, extremely mediocre stuff. Start all your business content writing jobs with declarative and short sentences. Long and winding sentences bore and tire the reader and ruthless self-editing is always called for. Just eliminate those words or sentences that you feel are unnecessary.

English is Lingua Franca:

When writing in English, avoid using foreign phrases, scientific words and/or jargon in a foreign language if you are aware of its English equivalent.  Tiresome business jargon such as “circle back” or “push the pointer forward,” are best replaced by plain and easily understandable phrases that convey the same meaning.

Effective e-Mailing:

Tips For Better Business Writing

Business content writers have to send considerable numbers of e-mails everyday. This requires making your point first and then moving on. The big idea – the e-mail’s focal point —  should ideally be put first and the mail may require a rewrite if it isn’t. Constantly keep considering the reader’s reaction to your statement  as you write, and this will automatically make your communiqué much clearer. It is also advisable to avoid being over enthusiastic and going overboard with your use of exclamation marks. Use professional and formal sign-offs such as Best Regards or Yours Sincerely, particularly in the case of business mails. The use of the active voice in place of the passive is also strongly advised. Active verbs energize prose and writing straightforward sentences enhance the reader’s speed and comprehensibility.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes:

Grammatical mistakes are the real spoilers of good communication. No doubts about that. So avoid them like the plague. Remember, the subject-verb agreement is of prime importance.  The subject number, be it plural or singular, determines the verb number. That’s why using a singular verb after words like someone, nobody, everybody, everyone, neither, either and each needs careful attention.

In sum, knowing your audience; starting with a catchy, attention-grabbing sentence; providing the reader with every piece of relevant information; eliminating clichés, jargon and buzzwords; and wise editing are all ingredients for churning out the best possible communication and enhancing your career as a successful business content writer.

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