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What are the Accommodations and Facilities Available in the Church Premises of SCOAN?

Prophet T.B. Joshua claimed that in a divine vision he had received a covenant and heavenly anointing from God to start his ministry. Ensuing this, T.B. Joshua founded the ministry organization, (SCOAN) or The Synagogue, Church of All Nations with only a few number of members. According to the institute, more than 15,000 followers attend its weekly Sunday service and visitors from outside Nigeria are lodged in the accommodation blocks built at the church.

The Guardian testified that The SCOAN draws more weekly attendees than the collective number of visitors to the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. The popular services of SCOAN have also ensued in an enormous boost for hoteliers and local businesses. From all across the globe, visitors can apply to stay on the church premises and perceive the first-hand proof that Jesus Christ is the same in former times, at present and forever!

Solicitations are at the preference of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. Those who have a medical state will need to provide a current medical report (scan/test results, hospital report, or signed letter from a G.P. as apt) with the application inquiry form.

Wherever possible, visiting groups will travel together and be escorted by a group leader. Throughout their stay, the group leader will continue to be available to group members. Authorized church persons meet invitees at the airport to guide them in the transport provided to the church premises, which are located on the suburbs of Lagos. For the return trip to the airport, transport is also provided.

Accommodations and Facilities Available in the Church Premises of SCOAN

Depending on the availability, the church has many rooms in which transnational visitors can stay.  Lodgings ranges from dorms (with AC and with shower facilities and their own shared toilets) to reserved rooms with en-suite amenities. Visitors mostly stay in dormitory accommodation when travelling as a group, but at an additional cost, other accommodation can be applied for. For international visitors, there is a special dining room where three full meals a day are offered. Extra snacks, drinks and toiletries are also obtainable for purchase at the shop on the church grounds. One should also be aware that activities and services in the church are held in English, with some Spanish and French translation.

To develop one’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the actual purpose of such a visit to SCOAN and as such, there is no explicit organized program. This allows adequate time for personal reflection, Bible-reading, and prayer, but you will also be heartened to listen to life-changing testimonies, watch faith-building videos, and attend the various activities or services in the church.  During one of the services you will get the chance to obtain prayer for any problems, whether spiritual or physical, you may be experiencing. Every person has received something from God that is capable of being engrained. Followers willingly sacrificed their strength, time, and money to build this church. Everyone played their own role and utilized the gifts God had given them to subsidize to the accomplishment of the building.

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