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What Is Heady Glass?

With the legalization of cannabis all across the United States, artists have seized the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills in crafting unique, quality glass pieces for cannabis consumption. If you’re just getting into the scene, the terminology can be confusing. Learning about heady glass and getting a piece of your own, however, is well-worth the effort.

Form over function

When it comes to cannabis consumption, there are two types of glass dabbers, pipes, bongs, or dab rigs. Both types have their place, but the one you choose will depend entirely on your personal preference. The two types are heady glass and scientific glass.

Heady glass are hand-blown pieces that value form over function. For scientific glass, function is supreme, and this type of glass is usually more durable and heat resistant than heady glass. It also tends to look much like the sort of glass you would find in a scientific laboratory.

What Is Heady Glass

Why choose heady glass?

When you hear that scientific glass is strong and durable, you might be tempted to wonder why anyone would ever choose anything else. The reason is quite simple. While you might want a good piece of scientific glass for everyday use, owning a piece of heady glass means owning a true piece of art.

What makes heady glass special?

Heady glass is highly valued, not just by people who use cannabis but also by art collectors. The best heady glass is a significant investment and will often gain value over time as an artist does more pieces. While heady glass does tend to prioritize form over function, no piece is complete unless it can also do its intended job.


A primary feature of heady glass is the unique design behind each one. Heady glass uses vibrant colors and unique designs, and artists are keen that every piece be unique.


Another feature of heady glass that makes it a valuable collectible are the various types of glassblowing techniques used to create it. Constructing heady glass is one way the modern artistic world is preserving an ancient glass blowing craft.

Sandblasting, fuming, wig wags, honeycomb work, accents, sculpting, and the use of millies are all glass blowing techniques showcased in heady glass.


Perhaps the biggest draw in heady glass is the possibility of owning a unique piece. In a world of big box stores and mass-produced goods, it is rare for us to have something handmade in limited quantities or individually designed for each buyer.

What does heady glass cost?

The cost of heady glass can vary widely depending on the style, size and intricacy of the design, the type of glass and technique used to make it, and the fame and skill of the artist. The most expensive piece of heady glass in the world is worth $1 million and is on display in Denver.

While $1 million is unusually expensive for a piece of heady glass, there are multiple examples of pieces that run to the ten of thousands of dollars.

Even this is out of the reach of most ordinary collectors; but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find quality pieces at a more reasonable price. There are smaller, excellent heady glass pieces that can be much more affordable, running from a couple of hundred to a thousand dollars or two.

What should I look for in a piece of heady glass?

If this is your first time getting your own heady glass, it can be confusing and hard to know whether you’re getting what you want. Here are some tips to consider:

Research the artist

If you’re looking to buy a unique piece, look into the artist. You want someone with a reputation for quality work but who makes things in a style, and at a price, that you appreciate.

Consider functionality

Will your heady glass be in a display case or do you intend to actually use it? Be sure to ask about functionality, if that’s important to you, and make sure it does everything you want.

Protect it

Once you’ve bought your piece, treasure it like the work of art it is. Don’t leave it lying around or in a situation where you’ll have to move it regularly. Give it a display and bring it down for special occasions.

These functional art pieces are valuable, unique, and sentimental. Owning one is a privilege. Make sure you invest in something you’ll truly love.

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