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What They Don’t Teach You in Driving Lessons

Teach You in Driving Lessons

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Whatever your age may be, learning to drive is one of life’s great milestones that simply needs to be experienced. Here in the UK, there are more drivers on the roads than ever before, so it is vital that you are both aware of other drivers and your own skills before you actually sit behind the wheel, ready to join the throng. But were you aware that there are some skills that your driving instructor simply will not teach you? Just because you actually passed your driving test, doesn’t mean that you are an expert. Please take a look at these proven tips that will not only make you a better driver but, more importantly, a safer one!

Understand your car

You might think that you already have a handle on that four wheeled marvel in your driveway, but until you take the time to learn about its inner workings, you and the car are basically strangers. Start paying more attention to how it handles in various situations, and don’t be afraid to try all of the buttons on the dashboard. There are thousands of drivers who never really get to know their car and they are missing out a lot. Once you start to bond with your vehicle, you can become a better driver.

Try two wheels

It’s true, if you spend a week or two on a bike or a moped, you will start to understand how bad some car drivers really are. Once you return to your vehicle, you will have a better idea of how to ensure cyclists and bikers are safe while you’re on the road.

Blind Spot

No matter how well your car has been set up, you will have a blind spot that can cause serious issues. This area is easily large enough for cars and bikes to hide in, and if you are unaware of their presence, anything could happen, resulting in an accident, vehicle damage, injuries or worse, and all kinds of legal ramifications. Make sure that never occurs by always checking your blind spot before you change lanes or turn. You should also be aware of other drivers’ blind spots; don’t drive too close to them, especially on motorways.

Track Days

This sounds like a lot of fun – and it really is – but it can also add serious value to your everyday driving skills. By driving faster than you would normally, you can experience how much more difficult it is to steer and stop in a controlled manner. By learning the limits of your skills and your car, you will have a much better idea of how to drive under normal conditions. If you can take your everyday car onto the track, all the better. Just remember that you will use far more tyre rubber, and brake pad material, when tearing around that track, so have them checked before you go back on the roads.

By following these tips after passing your driving test, you should be on the road to a safe and enjoyable driving future.

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