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WordPress Security Guide

WordPress is one of the common platforms to promote your blogs. There are several people in the world who keep posting their writings from a simple feature to business news. Its popularity is on the rise among the genuine bloggers which get noticed by the hackers and the spammers. Unfortunately, WordPress is a target for the hackers who are now showing their keen interest in damaging the WP-operated site by breaking the security.

If you are a WordPress account holder, you must know that it is a real challenge now to keep your account clean from malicious virus. Often WordPress user witnesses ‘Whire Screen of Death’ while opening their site. It means your site is attacked by Malware and it has been blacklisted by any search engine. Well, this is not only frustrating but a threat to your privacy and reputation. Evidently, it demands your prompt attention.

Wordpress Security Guide

How WordPress accounts get hacked?

WordPress is undoubtedly the most convenient option for the bloggers to write, attach an image, publish the blog and share it with others on the social media platform. Most of the companies now use WordPress to promote their blogs. Novice owners of various websites often fall prey to the hackers who can create programs to scan the internet for multiple sites using outdated code. They take no time to inject their own programs into them.

Why is WordPress security important?

A Malware infected or hacked site can be a serious threat to your business. Hackers can steal all your sensitive information like password, records, install malevolent software to track the activities of your visitors. Worst, you may have to lose total control of your site. This is definitely a daunting task to deal with expert hackers. The best way to get rid of such disturbance is by installing website security products from any reputable security solutions like SiteLock. SiteLock Scam products are also available in the market to make your site vulnerable to the hackers. Better be aware of their genuine products and their functions. If your website is generating revenues, then you need to pay extra attention to eliminating such risks.

Followings are some tips to protect your WordPress account

Keep updated: It is advisable to keep any software updated for better service and WordPress is not an exception. However, WordPress automatically installs minor updates but for major updates, it requires your permission. Make sure that you are using the latest version of WordPress. Almost with every installation, you need to fix your security manually for better safety.

WordPress comes with several plugins and themes which you can easily install on your site. These plugins are maintained by the third party developers and they regularly send updates.

You have to make sure that your WordPress plugins and themes are updated.

Such tricky things are difficult to manage and even more complicated when it has already been hacked. That’s why people rely on security products that offer comprehensive website security. The only thing that you need to be careful about is the SiteLock Scam products. Better leave it to the experts to ensure optimal security of your site by installing the right security product.

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