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Working Mechanism Of GABA Agonists

Agonist, a common term used frequently in the nootropic industry refers to a chemical that interacts with cell receptors enhancing the level of activity. Receptors are the lock and key of the body system which receives information from specific sources and a neurotransmitter or hormone is the key which unlocks the receptor. The function of a GABA agonist is similar to the one produced by the body naturally. The GABA compound that is produced naturally by the human body inhibits the action that may enhance the firing of over-excited nerves. When the body feels stress it sends signals to the brain which in turn transfers to the rest of the body resulting in the occurrence of a wide range of negative effects. The function of GABA is to counteract these effects before their occurrence in a way maintaining a balance between mood and stress. Users of GABA agonists experience lower levels of stress and anxiety as it binds to the receptor in a similar manner as the naturally occurring compound. Some of the commonly used GABA agonists include Picamilon, Progabide and Phenibut.

Working Mechanism Of GABA Agonists

The calming effects of GABA agonists

GABA agonists are known to be extremely beneficial in providing both short and long term effects in reducing stress and anxiety-related disorders as it works in a similar manner as naturally occurring GABA. It has been most effective in countering social anxiety which most individuals suffer in recent times, especially teenagers. The work of an excitatory neurotransmitter called Glutamate is to maintain alertness, wakefulness, learning and memory and excess amount of this compound can lead to mental and physical imbalance. GABA counteracts the effects of Glutamateand helps to maintain the proper functioning of the brain and different body parts.GABA agonists helps to promote a more calm and balanced state of mind which ultimately leads to tension-free and relaxed work environment and helps individuals to complete their task at hand quite effectively and smoothly. In addition to this it is also taken in stack with other supplements to enhance their effects on the body.

Balance between GABA and Glutamate

The most common neurotransmitters constituting the brain are GABA and Glutamate which accounts for almost half of the entire neurotransmitters in the brain but the two counteracts the function of each other. While Glutamate stimulates the nerve cells in the brain and body, GABA inhibits them. The proper balance between the two is critical for the effective and normal functioning of the brain. Abusers of cocaine and alcohol contain lower levels of inhibitory GABA in their brains and their only option to increase such levels is through medications like baclofen and topiramate. Several research studies have shown that the countering effects of the neurotransmitters on each other have made the picture even more complicated. Not only does GABA counteracts the effects of Glutamate but the same is true for the opposite. Further research studies are being conducted to help maintain a proper balance between the two and trying to convert scientific findings into probable treatments.

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